Delivering quality home heating oil Since 1906

Mike D'Agostino, Owner

Tony D'Agostino, Jr..

Tony D'Agostino, Sr.

D'Agostino Fuel Company was begun in 1906 by Benjamin D'Agostino, Sr. in South Boston, Ma.  Ben started selling wood, coal and ice, delivered by wagon pulled by a team of horses.  As oil conversions started to pick-up, Ben along with his sons Ben Jr. and Anthony Sr. moved into the heating oil business delivering Range and Fuel Oil.  Ben Jr. and Anthony took over the business in the 1950's.  In the early 1970's the brothers split with Ben Jr. going into the heating business and Anthony continuing with D'Agostino Fuel Company.  During the 1980's Anthony's son Michael worked along side his dad to learn the business and in the mid-1990's took over as owner.  Today Mike and his brother Tony, Jr. run the day to day operation.  If you want quality reliable and friendly service give Mike a call at 781-551-9767.